Statements from DSA and DSA's Board of Directors

Since 2020, The Dance Studies Association has been regularly issuing statements of solidarity and support for a variety of reasons. The Board of Directors will often write these statements collectively. There have been other moments when a DSA member, group of members or a Working Group have volunteered to write a statement. We welcome the opportunity to support and draw attention to the many diverse interests of our international membership. The Board is currently working on ratifying a procedural policy for the drafting and approval of future solidarity statements that, given the state of our world,  will continue to be necessary.

 DSA Condemns Russian Invasion of Ukraine - March 9, 2022

DSA Anti-Asian Violence Statement of Action - July 12, 2021

DSA Statement on Anti-Asian Violence - March 22, 2021


The Dance Studies Association strongly and unequivocally condemns global anti-Blackness and white supremacy. - June 16, 2020

Translations of Statement:


Statement on the Inviolability of Movement as a Right - January 24, 2020

International Statement from a Coalition of Dance, Performance and Theatre Associations Regarding Attacks on Indian Universities - January 9, 2020