Statements from DSA and DSA's Board of Directors

Since 2020, The Dance Studies Association has been regularly issuing statements of solidarity and support for a variety of reasons. The Board of Directors will often write these statements collectively. There have been other moments when a DSA member, group of members or a Working Group have volunteered to write a statement. We welcome the opportunity to support and draw attention to the many diverse interests of our international membership. The Board is currently working on ratifying a procedural policy for the drafting and approval of future solidarity statements that, given the state of our world,  will continue to be necessary.

DSA Solidarity Statement with UC Academic Workers on Strike - December 2022

DSA Graduate Reps in Solidarity with Student Protests - May 2024

 DSA Condemns Russian Invasion of Ukraine - March 9, 2022

DSA Anti-Asian Violence Statement of Action - July 12, 2021

DSA Statement on Anti-Asian Violence - March 22, 2021

Dear Colleagues, Sincerely Yutian Wong - January 24, 2023


The Dance Studies Association strongly and unequivocally condemns global anti-Blackness and white supremacy. - June 16, 2020

Translations of Statement:


Statement on the Inviolability of Movement as a Right - January 24, 2020

International Statement from a Coalition of Dance, Performance and Theatre Associations Regarding Attacks on Indian Universities - January 9, 2020