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The Dance Research Journal (DRJ) is a peer-reviewed premiere publication for dance scholarship of international reach and includes articles, book reviews, and lists books received.

DRJ is published three times per year by Cambridge University Press.  Published articles address dance history, theory, politics, ethnography, and intersections with cultural, gender, critical race, and diasporic studies among others.  DRJ is committed to cross-disciplinary research with a dance perspective.  Contributions for publication consideration are open to both members and nonmembers of DSA, and will be accepted any time. 

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Call for Papers: Special Issue, Mobility, Dance, and China (deadline May 1, 2024)

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Volume 55 - Issue 2 - August 2023
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(excerpt from Editors' Note) 

Assembly offers an affair of appearance in which people find common ground in public view or private space. Dance, social choreography, protests, and other forms of assembly are marked by actions that index shared beliefs about the self, the group, and broader social conditions. Assembly might be interpreted as expressing self-determination and the sovereignty of a commons—an ephemeral consolidation of bodies made manifest by the mutual decision to show up for something (Hardt and Negri 2017). That said, although spontaneous gatherings or carefully planned political protests might signal shared values through acts of popular will, copresence is not synonymous with homogeneity. Thus, an interest in the complexities of group formation— the processes and politics of gathering amid dance—drives this special issue of Dance Research Journal.

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Rebekah Kowal, Executive Co-Editor
Nadine George-Graves, Executive Co-Editor
Victoria Fortuna & Camelia Lenart, Book Reviews Editors
Kathryn Skinner, Managing Editor
Sariel Golomb, Editorial Fellow 2023
Cody Norling, Graduate Research Assistant 2022-2023

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