BUenos Aires

Cartographies of Movement • Cartografías del movimiento • Cartografias do Movimento
Buenos Aires, Argentina (July 22-27, 2024)
The 2024 Dance Studies Association meeting in Buenos Aires will be our organization’s first major gathering outside of North America and Europe. This occasion aims to facilitate new routes and roots of local and international exchange and dialogic (un)learning in the field of dance studies. At the same time, it beckons us to engage critically with the violences embedded in practices and narratives of expansion and mapping. Cartography refers to the practice of making and using maps. Cartographic practices were integral to the conquest and invention of the Americas and to the subjugation of Indigenous epistemologies and ontologies. During the colonial era and beyond, maps (among other modes of cataloging territories, beings, and knowledges) functioned as tools of domination, imposing Western and Christian spatial and temporal dimensions on diverse communities and geographies. In Argentina, the so called “conquest of the desert” (1878-1885) carried out the most devastating genocide of Indigenous peoples in the country’s history in order to expand and claim the space of the nation, exemplifying the practice of cartography and territoriality as the violent erasure of the Other.

Symposia 2023

Radical Acts of Translation: Mobilizing Reciprocities Across Bodily Arts
Friday, 12 May at UFBA, Salvador (Brazil) 
Organizers: Christine Greiner, Cristina Fernandes Rosa and Gilsamara Moura
Submissions open: December 16, 2022 / Deadline: January 30, 2023

New Mobilities on the Turn? 
Friday, 8 September at The Place, London (United Kingdom) 
Organizers: Lise Uytterhoeven and Martin Hargreaves
Submissions open: April 4, 2023/ Deadline: May 25, 2023

Bridging the Gap Between Gown and Town
Saturday, 18 November at Crown Hill University, Ilorin (Nigeria) 
Organizers: Funmi Adewole and Jeleel Ojuade
Submissions open: June 16, 2023/ Deadline: July 28, 2023

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