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Conversations Across the Field of Dance Studies is an annual publication of Dance Studies Association dedicated to current themes and debates in the field of dance studies. Each issue is edited by (a) different guest editor(s) and is published online in an open access format. As such, Conversations is a venue in which scholars, artists, and educators of dance and related disciplines can respond quickly and publicly to current events and pressing issues as identified by members of an international dance studies community.

Conversations has published annual issues from 2007-present.  Prior to 2007, the Society for Dance History Scholars (SDHS) newsletter served as a similar platform for publication.

Conversations is a completely open-access journal.  Read entire issues on the e-platform.

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CALL FOR VOLUME 43, Ethics, Risk, and Safety in the Field (Due Oct. 1, 2023)

2023 Issue (press release announcement)

Dancing in the Aftermath of Anti-Asian Violence
edited by SanSan Kwan & Yutian Wong

As a multi-media publication, Dancing in the Aftermath of Anti-Asian Violence is a particularly accessible and useful teaching tool.  Each essay/entry stands alone as an easily assigned viewing/reading to engender vibrant class discussion.  Furthermore and as a continued act of investment in these histories and people, please reach out to DSA ([email protected]) for information on inviting contributors to give a lecture, master class, and/or lecture/demonstration. Dancing in the Aftermath of Anti-Asian Violence tells a living history and we encourage dance studies educators to engage with its respondents directly, as an act of political, financial, and cultural investment.

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PHOTO: Gerald Casel and Na-ye Kim Cover Your Mouth When You Smile photo by Tim Russell

Rachel Carrico, Editor

Sanchita Sharma, Editorial Fellow 2023

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